Do we all look the same or something?

There is another dark-haired fat woman with glasses in my department, and people seem to get us confused often.  I’m not sure I would mind so much if the other person was cool*, but COME ON.  Other than being fat and having dark hair and glasses, we don’t look alike at all.  Our hairstyles, fashion styles and glasses are completely different.  She’s 13 years older than me and at least 6 inches shorter and tends to make racist and/or misogynist comments almost every day.

Earlier this semester, a professor actually called my by this person’s name in the hallway after I was in her class last semester and the other girl wasn’t.  Now, we’re in a class together with a different professor, whom neither of us has had before and the professor, while I love her, mixes us up ALL THE TIME re: who talked to her about what, which of us had to leave early/miss class, etc.  This is understandable, I guess, since we only have the class once a week and we sit next to each other (meh) and we’re both fat girls with glasses and dark hair, but it’s really frustrating… especially since the aforementioned professor will probably be my adviser next semester.  Sigh.

Two semesters ago, I was pretty much the only fat girl (well, definitely the fattest; there were maybe two or three inbetweenies) in my choir and this semester there are three (myself, the one with whom I get confused all the time, and another fat girl with dark hair that I think people are starting to get confused with the OTHER one even though she doesn’t have glasses).  We’re obvs. very different people who look different from each other; why is it so freakin’ difficult to tell us apart?  There are countless thin blondes in choir (and at my university, for that matter); I can generally tell them apart.  Unless they’re all wearing Ugg boots, puffy vests and miniskirts or are otherwise dressed like clones of each other (even then, if they have completely different faces and haircuts and one were 6 inches taller than the other you’d think I’d realize that they’re individual people!).

*By “cool,” I mean “cool by my standards,” as in someone with whom I’d want to hang out, have a conversation or exchange pleasantries.


March 13, 2009. Tags: , . real-life wtfery.

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  1. Sarah O replied:

    Ha ha, I had to laugh at this and share my own doppelganger story: At the library where I used to work, my friend Josh and I worked in the same department. He is about 6 feet tall and has brown, shoulder-length curly hair and glasses. And a goatee. I am 5’3″ with red curly hair and glasses. No goatee. Both patrons and other staff members would call us by the other’s name. Sometimes patron’s would forget which of us they had talked to because we *obviously* look so much alike. I finally went as Josh for Halloween last year, goatee and all.

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