Fuck You, PETA: an open letter

Lesley of Fatshionista has the best ideas ever.  “Fuck PETA” blog carnival, here I come!

Dear PETA,

Oh, you.  You’re like the douchebag at a party who deliberately says precisely the wrong thing in hopes of offending and “shocking” people.  Do you seriously not realize that you’re turning people off from animal rights activism?  You’re unfortunately the foremost voice for your cause, a cause I support, but most people who aren’t in your organization want nothing to do with you.

“Shock value” is not an excuse to completely ignore human women’s rights in favor of animals’, and don’t even get me started on this shit. This one of your many objectifying ads even contradicts your new advertising campaign:

PETA advertisement: save the whales

And you couldn’t even be original in your offensiveness?  Thanks so much, PETA, I appreciate that you are trying to save me, a fat person whale.  I’ve got to get back to the ocean, or I might die!  Meanwhile, I’ll be offending people by wearing a swimsuit in public–or simply by leaving my house once in a while.  Oh noes!  Fat people are such a tragic disappointment to society, what with us existing and all.  Why haven’t we seen that our mere presence is disgusting and offensive to the general public?  Someone should really teach us a lesson–and that someone is you.  Great job.  I’m sure the fatties will be completely phased out by the time everyone is vegetarian, because no fat vegetarian or vegan has ever existed in the history of food.

Seriously, though, I’ve been a fat vegetarian and a fat vegan (and a fat omnivore, for that matter).  You continually demean and animalize women (including us “whales”).  When were you going to start using these fabled “ethics” I keep hearing so much about and happen to be one of the letters in your own fucking acronym?  The ethical treatment of animals is not equivalent to the exploitation and body-shaming of women.

You falsely encourage women to be “comfortable in their own skin” (in an anti-fur ad) while using the same tactics used by the fashion industry to make women feel like shit about their bodies, and now this.  Congratulations, PETA.  You’ve alienated a large (no pun intended) group of people YET AGAIN.  Racism and misogyny are not appropriate tools with which to fight animal cruelty; I don’t know who you think you’re fooling.  Fuck you and the horse you didn’t ride in on and probably treated with a hell of a lot more respect than the women in your advertisements.

Love, Go fuck yourselves,


If you want to send your own “fuck you” to PETA, use this online form and/or comment on this blog post.  If you’re on Twitter, be sure to tweet @officialpeta with the lovely and increasingly popular hashtag #fuckyoupeta.  Gosh, I love swearing probably a little too much.

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