So close!

So I was watching a marathon of America’s Next Top Model on Oxygen (don’t judge me), and I muted the commercials to watch a YouTube video or something.  I looked up at my television screen and saw happy fat people dancing on television omg.

I was simultaneously wary of anything on TV that shows fat people, because they’re rarely if ever shown in a positive light, and thinking “wait… they have heads!??  And they’re dancing!  And no one’s crying and I don’t see a doctor who looks like he might be talking about how Obesity Will Kill All Of Us… OMGWTF!”  I un-muted and, unfortunately, it was a commercial for Oxygen’s new show Dance Your Ass Off, a reality dancing competition show for people who want to lose weight.  However, maybe I’ll watch just to see fat people shakin’ it on television and change the channel when they talk about weight loss to save some Sanity Watchers points.

I want to see a TV show about fat people dancing that ISN’T about losing weight.  Hell, I’d probably want to be on such a show!  I love dancing.  The world needs more dancing fatties in my opinion.

Here’s a link to the video… embedding didn’t work for some reason.


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